All of your wildest dreams begin with a single thought

Change. Progress. Success. Happiness. These such words can feel like a colossal force looming above you when first starting out on the path to achieve them. Frightening as they might appear, each goal has one thing in common. Any person who has ever achieved them began their journey in the exact same spot you are in now. The shift which propelled any successful person forward started out as a single thought. A thought resembling: “what if?”, which is just enough of a spark to ignite a fire inside of a person. It may start out as a very small flame, but eventually that spark will grow into a roaring flame. What’s important is getting that flame started with the proper kindling. You being here reading this blog isn’t a coincidence. It means that you already have that desire, that drive, that willingness to get more out of life than the average Joe who settles for mediocrity. You are different. No matter how dim the flame may feel, this is proof that it is in you. Your entire future begins with a single thought, and this blog is dedicated to helping you manifest your own “thought” into reality so to become the best version of yourself. If you are ready to make a change, then you are in the right place to learn the tools to become best equipped on your own journey toward success. 


How To Make a Negative Situation Work FOR You Instead of Against You

We’ve all heard the phrase “Life is unfair.” Whether from a parent, teacher, or relative, odds are you’ve heard these words offered to you as a means to alleviate your pain in hard times. While it is technically a true statement, finding solace in such a phrase during your low points in life is a […]

5 Common Misconceptions About Depression

With depression rates on the rise, it is essential that we as a society destigmatize the illness and clear up some common misconceptions about it. The worldwide depression count currently sits at 332 million people. For reference, that’s more people than the entirety of America which has a population of 327.2 million. There’s a very […]

How to Go From Couch Potato to Disciplined and Unstoppable!

Imagine a life where each day is meticulously planned out and you are able to make significant progress toward your dreams without hesitation. Imagine how far you would soar if you worked on your goals consistently every day for an entire year. Whether you’re skimming this article from your couch while watching Netflix and eating […]


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