Name: Zachary Buttram

Email: TheButtramWriter@Gmail.com


About My Freelance Business

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Purpose driven writing is the name of my game! My writing style is precise down to each letter. Every word that I place on the page holds meaning in the overarching message being conveyed. The way I see it, the digital world is an ocean full of hungry and hurried fish. I am but a fisherman who uses psychology as my bait, engaging writing as my hook, and useful content as my fishing line to reel in more fish than any of the competition!

I carry an Associates in Psychology, am currently working toward my Bachelor’s, then onto my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I am dedicating a large chunk of my life to studying how the mind works. All of the knowledge gained in my field contributes to my expertise of my niche of self-development and Psychology which I explore in-depth on this blog. 

My writing has been developed not only through school and on this blog, but through consistent writing in my free time for the past 5 years. Writing is not only my talent, but also my lifelong passion. This combination of passion and skill is what makes my writing able to be both professional and creatively engaging. 

My guarantees:

  • Psychology based influence tactics 
  • Professional, yet engaging content
  • Unbeatable turnaround time for projects
  • Creativity which produces reactivity
  • Captures readers in fewer words

Psychology and passion driven writing that can only be found here, is readily available to work for you! I specialize in copywriting and blog writing, and I am available around the clock at my Email: TheButtramWriter@Gmail.com.

About This Blog


‘1 Thought At a Time’ is a blog dedicated to helping you develop yourself through Psychology backed articles. The philosophy of this site is that success in any area begins with a single thought, and progress is initiated one thought at a time. Everyone has the potential to transform into something great, and this blog serves to guide you toward your greatest potential. 

I was able to change my life drastically, which is one of the reasons I wish to pass down what I know in order to help others. 3 years ago, I was a 240lb overweight asthmatic with a gaming addiction, crippling anxiety and depression, and no social skills. One day I decided to stop making excuses. I had never worked out a day in my life, but decided to force myself to exercise every day and eat healthy. This led to me losing 60lbs in just 90 days flat. Over the past 3 years I have worked on my mental health through studying psychology and learning how to combat my social anxiety. Now, I am a freelance writer and psychology student studying to become a Clinical Therapist, I workout consistently, have amazing friends, and lead a healthy lifestyle free of anxiety. I do not express these things to say that I am better than anyone in any sense. The point is that I am an average guy no different from anyone else, and If I can achieve success in my life, then I wish to show others that they can too!